Welcome to Hummingbird Mountain’s new new Bardo Pond message board. We’ll do our best to respond appropriately to questions you might need answered. For those interested in further Bardo Pond discussion, venture over to groups.yahoo.com and join the band’s group, “bardopond”. One of the moderators/owners of the list will quickly let you join the group upon application. Also, please don’t fill this board with material that is not at least tangentially realted to Bardo Pond. Use your judgment as to what should fit. Inappropriate posts will be deleted.

If you are a regular/new poster and are having problems posting, please email us here at the page. In our efforts to fight board spam we may have accidentally banned a couple of IP addresses lately that could impact you.

We know there has been a lot of spam here lately. We delete it as soon as we notice it is here, but it has become a sort of a problem as there is quite a bit of it. At some point in the not-too-distant future we will change message board formats to require passwords and the sort so as to limit this nonsense. Thanks for the patience in the meanwhile.

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