Re: an odd question about paypal

Posted by jim on 11/29/2007 9:45 am

I just think in the long term, the move to a cashless economy, this will allow for every transaction to be monitored and recorded, govt computers will determine you bought too many plastic baggies and baking soda this month and raid you for being a drug dealer. Right now I can pay cash for certain books but the way things are going soon I won't, so the feds will know that I'm reading books about say gun ownership or Organizing Workers for democracy, or other topics the State must suppress. Seeing as DHS has been hirig exKGB I imagine the USSR is the model to watch - and the enormous profits from the USSR break up lead me to think the break up of the USA is part of the plan-someone will profit greatly, and that will probably be the Carlysle Group (owner of Dunkin Donuts).

I just think people are being naive about introducing into their lives technology that allows them to be tracked (your cell phone) and monitored (RFID chips in purchased items) all the time, nevermind the assumption that all electronic communications are recorded and monitored, and in the corporate city areas assume you are being monitored and recorded constantly. It doesn't bother most people, I think they like the attention. I just don't like them stealing my ideas and I hate the attention.


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