Posted by Kayla on 4/7/2008 4:29 pm

I guess this is where I'm going let let out some frustration towards the ignorant morons who swear that LSD is such a terrible drug. NUMBER ONE,if you have never done it,do not act like you know how it feels. Tripping on lsd is the most indescribable,overwhelming feeling that any one could ever experience.

There are many rumors about lsd,like that after you use it it stores in your spinal cord for years. NO it does not. It's a myth. & No it does not make you brain bleed or any more ridiculous bull shit ,do some research before you run your mouth.

LSD IS NOT a more powerful hallucinogen than shrooms. The hallucinations caused by lsd arent very extreme. It's more so about colors and things waving. Also some things look as though they are melting.
[looking in the mirror while tripping is not a good idea]

A constant argument that i have while people is that LSD is actually one of the only drugs that do not harm you unless you go crazy with it. Just because some thing is classified as a "drug" doesn't mean that its terrible for you. The only long term effects known from lsd is mental damage from constant use or massive use. Exceeding 3 tabs in one use is probably not a good idea.Also using it constantly WILL cause mental heath issues.
Schizophrenia is the most known issue that comes from lsd abuse.

Your trip depends on your personality,thoughts,and most of all surroundings. The best time to take lsd is early on a warm,sunny day in a park or some where out doors. Night time can be frightening and summer is better because in winter the bare branches of trees can look terrifying TRUST ME. I felt as though i was watching my self in a horror movie.

Your mood changes rapidly,so being around people that you are comfortable with is a plus.

If any one has a question about lsd,i can answer it,so let me know. :]
if your planning on talking lsd for your 1st time,please take my advice,and be careful. Oh and chew gum,it feels amazing.


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