TLR 109-113: parallelogram 5 LP collection + download

TLR 109-113: parallelogram

released in *late* december 2015. approximately 950 collections (5 LPs) available from three lobed recordings on 140g black vinyl and housed in letterpressed "matchbooks". out of print.

available for order as direct digital download from bandcamp from these links: TLR-109 (hiss golden messenger / michael chapman), TLR-110 (six organs of admittance / william tyler), TLR-111 (kurt vile / steve gunn), TLR-112 (thurston moore & john moloney: caught on tape / bishop - orcutt - corsano), and TLR-113 (bardo pond / yo la tengo)

there is a particular magic that comes from finding the right musical pairing. we’ve all experienced the perfect song at the perfect time and know how electrifying it can be. the set and setting that combine to make those jukebox choices, mix tapes or playlists really work can be so hard to define but easy to identify once they are out there in the wild. part of the fun behind the curtains at three lobed recordings has always been trying to divine the alchemy of pairings that work to our ears. these efforts have time and again taken the form of collections and collaborations, both as multi-volume releases (ranging from the trio of multi-disc CD series to the not the spaces you know, but between them box set) and single albums (such as the collaborative albums from golden gunn or the hagerty-toth band to the eight trails, one path compilation). with this in mind, three lobed is proud to present parallelogram, a collection of five carefully assembled split albums celebrating complementary musical pairings.

the pairings contained within the parallelogram collection take a few different forms. whether the artists are kindred spirits, former touring partners, and/or folks that have mutually inspired one another, the material on each side of each of these records feeds naturally into the other. on whole the artists collected as parallelogram serve as a sort of reflection of the genres and styles found across the entirety of the three lobed catalog.

the parallelogram collection consists of the following five albums:

hiss golden messenger / michael chapman (TLR-109)

six organs of admittance / william tyler (TLR-110)

kurt vile / steve gunn (TLR-111)

thurston moore & john moloney: caught on tape / [alan] bishop – orcutt - corsano trio (TLR-112)

bardo pond / yo la tengo (TLR-113)

each album consists of never before released material compiled especially with this collection in mind. each LP will be housed within its own letter pressed “matchbook” (similar in nature to the ones used on the eight trails, one path guitar compilation [TLR-091]) bearing new original artwork by casey burns and printed by dexterity press. each LP is pressed on 140g black vinyl pressed at record industry in the netherlands and includes a download coupon. all 5 LPs were mastered by patrick klem. all 5 LPs will ship simultaneously in a single package.

a couple of years in the making, this collection represents a celebration of this label’s improbable fifteenth anniversary. it seemed appropriate to assemble an equally improbable project to celebrate the milestone. we cannot wait to share this collection with all of you.

only approximately 950 five LP collections are available from three lobed. the parallelogram collection can only be purchased from three lobed as a five record set and not a la carte. all of the contributing artists will have individual copies of their respective albums for sale at a later date through their own channels.

updated 7 february 2016.

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