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so, let's say you like music but are only interested in downloads, or, let's say you're looking for mp3s of an otherwise out of print three lobed title. well, both of you are in luck. a goodly chunk of the three lobed catalog is available for download from a number of different sources. three lobed titles can be found digitally through itunes, amazon, emusic, think indie and numerous other sources. three lobed's preferred digital vendor is FINA music (operated by thrill jockey records). click here to see a full listing of currently available titles (including many long out of print titles).

three lobed has also decided to uncork a smallish digital only live recording only variant - three lobed recordings legacy archive. the legacy archive is an effort to make sure that, um, "important" live musical contributions to the underground are documented and made generally available in this glistening modern age. this first installment in the legacy archive focuses on the subterranean chapel hill art (?) rockers (!), hot fudge free for all. their all-too-brief musical career was marked by their inspired and fierce live sets that were played before rapt but minuscule crowds. their very existence raised numerous questions within the local scene. were they a highbrow effort to re-contextualize the musical approach taken by the shaggs? were they a musical tribute to late-night 80s films? were they work-release criminals having a laugh? were they a bad high school joke gone awry? were they math majors rocking out the best they knew how? somehow the answer to all of these questions was simultaneously "yes" and "no." although it's 2010 and the band has long-since scattered, it's not too late to take the wild HFFFA ride. this first installment of the legacy archive, dear mom & dad: d&d is real; i'm going on a killing spree, was recorded live at the skylight exchange in chapel hill, north carolina on august 21, 1997. this is an experiment - don't feel like you have to hop on with us for the ride. Ha! Look for future releases in the nearish future as well. if you would like a sample downloadable mp3 of the HFFFA classic "superhumans," check out this downloadable preview right here.

releases available digitally from all of the digital vendors listed above (prices vary from vendor to vendor)

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