TLR 024: hush arbors — landscape of bone CD

TLR 024: hush arbors — landscape of bone

out of print.

available as a digital download from FINA Download Store (click logo for direct link).

released mid-june, 2006, as one of the installments in the modern containment series. landscape of bone is the new album by hush arbors AKA keith wood - age unknown, no fixed address - and is a major leap forward for a dude who's probably best known so far for his auxiliary membership in such bands as six organs of admittance, sunburned hand of the man, and wooden wand and the vanishing voice. but wood's solo work may challenge what you might expect from a man with friends in such high, low and in between places. his perfectly moniker-ed band name may rightfully suggest tunes that often sound like a peaceful sort of secret, but with landscape of bone, the secret is about to get out in a big way. sweet and delicate songs featuring wood's unmistakable voice - equal parts neil young and al wilson - and adept fingerpicking occasionally give way to monstrous 'where-the-f***-did-that-come-from' moments of visceral psychedelic damage. just as comfortable wringing deadly screaming leads from his guitar as he is coaxing gentle modern day country hymns to catatonia from it, wood is, first and foremost, a songwriter in the traditional sense. his songs will feel right at home during nights of quiet debauchery, as well as during those shame-filled mo(u)rnings after. landscape of bone is the latest and greatest from an increasingly vital artist who is sure to continue defying expectations and carving out a well-deserved place among the psych folk elite as long as he chooses to run.

iä! shub-niggurath!